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Textile Monster



Relationship between textiles and body's movements


 I am a Textile Monster based in London and Tokyo. The monster is a storyteller sharing a sense of value through a spiritual atmosphere without relying on language.


I previously studied fashion at Joshibi University in Japan. Since I have a background in fashion, my deep interest in the body remains unchanged, and all of my spiritual works are made for a body. Body-movements animate my textiles, and my poetic textile has the power to redefine the beauty of the body. These ambiguous full-body costumes are designed to resonate with the movement of the wearer, and I use performance to explore the interactive relationship between body, movement and environment.

2011                 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT FASHION DESIGN AWARD                                               Finalist(Tokyo)

2012                 Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College Design Competition                                                CONVERSE Award (Tokyo)

2015                 DREAM RUNWAY TOKYO 2015


2016                 Exhibited SICF17(Tokyo)

2013-2017         Studied Fashion Textile at Joshibi University of                                                 Art and Design (TOKYO)

2017-2018         Central Saint Martins FAD Textiles (LONDON)

17-20/Nov/2018 Solo Exhibition "TEKARAMONO" (TOKYO)

​2019-2021         Royal College of Art MA Textiles Mixed Media (LONDON)

3-5/Sep/2020    rooms (Group Exhibition) - "We are all unique" (TOKYO)

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